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Leather Bicycle Lock Holster

Leather vintage bicycle u-lock holster Leather vintage bicycle u-lock holster stitching Leather vintage bicycle u-lock 
                                    holster reverse Leather vintage bicycle u-lock holster with kryptonite lock
Buy Vintage Bicycle U-Lock Holster

Leather bike Lock Holster $80

This u-lock holster is a design that chooses function over form, shedding some weight by removing the top cover flap. Super-strong stitching keeps your lock tightly secured.

Hand-finished, hand-stitched thick and stiff leather holster attaches to your bike in two places on your front or rear rack using Chicago screws and a buckle closure. This leather features extra-thick 10oz leather with a dark finish.

It requires a flathead screwdriver to mount - and is therefore not easy to steal. It is pictured here with a 7 1/4" small-sized u-lock.

This holster is a stylish, non-plastic way to carry a u-lock on your bike rather than in your bag, and will ensure it stays put in a rattle-free way.

The leather in this holster is made with thick unfinished tanned leather scraps up-cycled from a local company in Portland and then finished with a combination process including neatsfoot oil and walnut dye.

Made in Portland, Oregon.