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Leather Bicycle Cup Holder

Leather Bicycle Cup Holder Leather Bicycle Cup Holder Side View Leather Bicycle Cup Holder Stitching Leather Bicycle Cup Holder Strap  
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Leather Bike Cup Holder $75

Light and rigid mason jar cage for your bicycle, made out of leather, with a snug fit.

Bring your favorite drink in a pint size ball jar (wide mouth or narrow mouth) or can along for the ride. A flat Coke has been called the racing cyclist's "secret weapon" - the quick jolt of sugar and caffeine is perfect to get you up the last few hills.

Rigid leather is hand-stitched together to be structurally sound. Jars stay snug in the cage even after a rugged off road tour.

Three clamps connect the cage to the bicycle, two on the handlebar and one around the stem spacers.

Made with love in Portland, Oregon.